Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I feel so dogged after a busy weekend.
Today there was one Contemporary Social Theory lesson, one Concept Formation presentation and 3 V Mag deadlines for October 2005. I want to get the stories in by tomorrow by hook or by crook. You go grrl.

But let's not forget there's good news. My friend handling the International Delegates and Media, William, called from KL today to invite me to cover the KLAFW in Kuala Lumpur come November. As expected, it'd be a cushy trip, zipping off to KL on a shuttle flight after my third paper (at the height of exam season, Semester 1 of 2005/2006) for 3 nights, check out the KL Six (Tom Abang Saufi and Bernard Chandan the wonder(s)!), attend the gala awards, and then rush back to NUS/Singapore for my fourth and fifth back-to-back papers-- I should come back very inspired to contribute to the body of knowledge in Contemporary Social Theory and Concept Formation, I'm sure.

Close to two Mondays ago, I ran into Lionel Seah outside the Sociology Seminar Room and I said hello. Turns out he was in NUS to assess the style quotient of our students. I happily obliged and offered my two cents worth.

Fast forward to September the Fifth.

Over the past week leading from Thursday, I have had classmates coming up to me to double-check if I was that certain Dennis She that Lionel Seah quoted in Undergrads Underdressed?, a story that appeared in the Urban pullout section of The Straits Times. I was quoted as saying "Law and Arts are well-dressed but the medical and engineering people dress as if their clothes are bought from a pasar malam". Erm. Darling, I understand that Lionel is quite the busy fashion editor, but I am not sure if I really did mention 'pasar malam'. (May I check the transcript please?) Second, I did comment on how the undergrads from the Science faculty are comparatively sartorially-challenged, but the reporter understood 'Science faculty' as a catch-all term denoting the likes of Engineering and Medicine faculties--that does not reflect my exact sentiment. Finally, let me add as a final remark that it's possible to appear chic and clued-in even in a seemingly casual albeit extremely instrumental (think, in this heat~) getup of berms and tees/shirts: it's a matter of pulling the right pieces together in a studied look that alludes more to a post-CinqueTerre afternoon in La Spezia than a slimy morning spent trawling the wet market.


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At 12:16 PM, Blogger Ron said...

i believe your blog is under siege by advertisers??!!

anyway, misquoting is ST's enduring trait. sigh.

At 10:31 PM, Blogger Dennis She said...

do i delete them?

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