Saturday, August 27, 2005

La Bibliothèque Nationale

Une Bibliothèque: Sédate, calme, inspiré

Une vue de la core de la bibliotheque: quelle luminosité.

Has anyone been to the newly-opened National Library lately? Academia just got a major shot in the arm with this spanking new, high-rise edificio. Look how the face of the urban Civic District’s about to change as National Library opens, accompanied by the new compounds of the Singapore Management University. I’m hoping for a new spirit to spice up the scene in Singapore.

On the side, Jeffrey and I have discovered great deals to Manila on L’aviation Tigre and we are thinking of going there during the NTU/NUS’ September school holidays to pay Bryanboy a visit and live it up in the excellent restaurants, bars and clubs that Bryan mentions ever so often: Embassy, Cuisine, La Embajada, Manila DJ Club, Godskitchen. Manila appears to be more gentrified and parles more Anglais than we thought. It could be a fun place. Could Manila be the new Bangkok?


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