Monday, August 22, 2005

Markus’ Homecoming.

Francis, Markus, Ryan.

D, Jeffrey, Ron: Violent Happy.

In yet another of our Saturday night dinners with the boys, this time we were meeting for a cause. Markus, the boys’ good pal from their Chinese High/Hwa Chong days had just returned to Singapore for a breather from a cushy two year job in Shanghai. Brief as the evening was, the rather bland dining experience (what would you expect from cuisine allemande??) at Werner’s Oven was spiced up by Markus’ anecdotes and time well-spent in Shanghai (even Jeffrey had his two cents’ worth on his recent six-month internship in Shanghai, heh). The best bit was when he talked about him throwing house parties in his apartment not far from Plaza 66, doing the 北上广circuit, and going to Shangri-la, quite a beautiful spot within reasonable distance from Chengdu. Even if my maincourse of schmorbraten wasn’t making me salivate, Markus’ experiences were. In fact, I should be redeeming my Krisflyer miles soon and hightail it to Shanghai.


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