Monday, August 08, 2005

Johor Bahru

C'est Moi
et Ron
Chilli Crabs
Malcolm, le bon gentilhomme taking a dig at the calamari!

Cheap. What good does it do for us when the element of good taste is sorely lacking? How cheap is JB anyway? But get away we will. Living in tiny Singapore—I cant emphasize this enough—it’s imperative that we take off every now and then to shake off the feeling of claustrophobia. I think the denizens of teeny-weeny Macau and Monaco share similar sentiments as they make the under-15minute short hop to Zhuhai and Nice (or Grasse/Banlieu Sur Mer if they so fancy) respectively to get a feel of the greater world out there.

Speaking of cheap, Bangkok is way cheaper. And (good) taste is guaranteed—if you know where to look. Follow the cheesed out set, oh bollocks, don’t blame it on Bangkok when you end up at MBK, in Patpong or on Khao San Road (and whining there ain’t no cool Bangkok), you did yourself in on this one. On a positive note, if anyone’s paying any attention to Thonglor’s rise, you’d know there’s H1, J Avenue, Playground, and Noble Developmentt is even thinking of upping the ante by building a more upmarket version of H1. Ooh, bling it on~

But to its credit, the food in Johor Bahru is not bad. Jeffrey and Malcolm bought Ron and I dinner at Taman Sentosa (not bad, even if it’s not the best; and more parking space needed, really) where we had succulent Johorean calamaris, chilli crab, stir-fried kailan, jiaohuaji and more.

Let me set for the record that what we enjoyed more was the excellent company more so than the food (doggybagged matisus and shaobaos) or shopping (managed to get Yon’s Colour Blossoms, Tsai’s Wayward Cloud, Tsui’s Seven Swords yay!)

Pair that with the major change of scene, and you could be feeling, well, you aren’t in Singapore.

ps: Jeff, did you like the MarcNewson-green ashtray from Loft/Bangkok? ^^


At 10:38 AM, Blogger Ron said...

lo fuo zhou hen hao wan!! wo xi huan wo men de zhao pian! ji mei yi xia!~

At 1:27 AM, Blogger Dennis She said...

tan shi zhe li mei mai zhu-oo (slight inflexion) rou o...


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