Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Homecoming: Jeffrey

Jeffrey returned to Singapore not only with great memories of his attachment but also a very use-able carry-on bag from Xiang Yang Shi Chang/Shanghai. Posted by Picasa

Yayness. Jeffrey is finally back from Shanghai. Ron and I missed him so bad when he left Singapore early January for his work attachment—fulfilled as part of his undergraduate program—in China. Meeting up with him for the first time, I bet Ron was thrilled. During dinner, Jeffrey dished out the gifts from China, a crystal ball painting for Ron, a sling bag (which would be handy for as a no-fuss ‘carry-on’ bag) and a watch (from Bangkok, that reads time for two time zones simultaneously) for me. We went on to have drinks at the very unglamorous Borders café (bad service; brainless and godawful-ugly waitresses) where we exchanged more stories and bared exploits. Glad that Jeff looked suitably delighted with the wood-carved name card holder from my trip to Hoi An. On the topic of souvenirs, I had begun using my coin pouch (in a delicious shade of ciocolatto) from Guadalajara/Mexico, while I passed on the caramel one to Ron on Fourth of July.


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