Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Huiling 新上海人

Nursing our alltimefavourite mojitos at New Asia Bar, Swissôtel Singapore.

Huiling and I at Space @ Humble House

Stark space at Space @ Humble House

Gongbao Beef Noodles

Duck Cigar Rolls

Huiling’s back. This hyeow girl’s been in Shanghai for barely 3 months now she’s back! I wonder if it’s because she misses home and finds Shanghai alienating. Surprisingly no! She’s singing to a different tune now, “Singapore’s so boring, there’s a lot more happening in Shanghai”. I’m thrilled to hear that. After all, she’s got another 8 more months to spend in Shanghai.

It’s China’s week-long 双十假日 holiday and seeing that she’s got miles on Northwest that she could put to good use, she’s decided to make a trip home to see her family and friends. Fabulous to have her back.

I brought her to Space@HumbleHouse for dinner and also to 洗尘, an express version of My Humble House. You could think of it as Nobu Next Door if you like, fast, no frills, no reservations policy. Except that Humble House doesn’t have its tables full like Nobu does, which merits little need for a duh-worthy establishment like Space.

With so much conversation re. Shanghai in store, there was little room for the food we ordered: duck cigar rolls, crab nuggets, rice noodles slices of fish, and 宫保 gong bao beef noodles. All excellent—even the beef noodles turned out to be quite a surprise (lovely without being cloying—think an oversupply of 宫保鸡丁 after time spent in Beijing) , as we initially ordered it with much hesitation, worried that Huiling might have OD-ed on 宫保–this –that while subsisting on 外卖晚餐 during those nights when she chooses to stay in.

We went back to our (fairly) regular haunt, New Asia Bar, to have more mojitos and lychee bellinis before calling it a night. And even as I am writing this, I’ve finally got my act together to redeem my miles on SQ! I leave for Shanghai on 9th December and return on 5th January. Does anyone care to join me?


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