Sunday, September 18, 2005

中秋赏月,1er Partie

Staking out in the Honors Seminar Room. For once, the intellectually-charged space lends itself to some much-deserved revelry. Me & Shaun in the background, together with some of the friendliest in our cohort: Zonghan, Valerie, Serene.

Yeong Chong brings on the bubbly. Shafaa, still on her high from her pictionary-victory!! ;)

Serene matches her dress cleverly with a pout and a lantern in a similar shade of yellow. Siti appears chinois with her cheongsam top.

Zonghan offers a generous dose of bubbly to Jiawei.

Sociology (students) brings (bring) beacons of light to NUS.

Yunshan points to a gaping hole in her lantern

Rooftop of xxx building: We made it that far. Valarie, Yeong Chong, Serene, Eugene (Dili), Cheryl, with Yunshan and Siti in the foreground.

Sociology Honours' pupils do it again. In the name of Mid-Autumn Festival, we threw a party in our Honors Room with lots of mooncakes, angkukway (s), and chips to share. We watched videos feat. Chee, played pictionary (the boys lost and had to mimic the dancing queens in the Idiot Boyfriends music video, quite a laugh~), popped the bubbly (which i happened to buy from a 24hr supermarket in Causeway Bay after an inebriated night out, bleargh), and brought beacons of light to NUS by way of old-school paper lanterns. Along the way, we lost a couple of lanterns to mini-bonfires, but we were cool. Watching the paper lanterns go up in flames, literally, was after all, extremely cathartic.

Driven to exile by the lack of any chilled and fresh air in our room, we decided to hightail it to Fong Seng where we had dinner and a pretty juicy conversation.


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