Sunday, September 25, 2005

After Chiang Mai

Venerdi: D&G Verano/Inverno 2005/6 collezioni par Club 21 à Hilton.

It was a good holiday, but I came back more tired and less rejuvenated than one would expect. The moment I returned, there were emails and texts to revert and things to be done. One might even argue that going on a break during the Sept (or March) hols is considered punishing. Dening, just back from Bali, shares a similar view.

Architecture meeting on Thursday, followed by Urban Anthropology meeting on Friday. Plus lots of thinking in between. I continued to take more time off than I deserved: taking in bubbly at Park Infinia’s launch on Thursday with Kien, and then the Baccarat and D&G party on Friday. Surprise surprise, Colin and Serene were back in town to give form to D&G’s Fall/Winter collections on the catwalk. Just as the flow of bubbly ended, I walked out to see Valerie on her way out from Harbour Grill, all dressed to kill and looking fashionably wicked with her big hair.

Wrapped up Friday nicely with an evening of salsa with Prof Chee Kiong and classmates—Crystal, Elizabeth, Mabel, Serene—at Union Square.

Today is Saturday. I had myself imprisoned to get some real work done.


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