Monday, July 11, 2005

One Saturday

A red from Guangzhou Posted by Picasa

Claiming my rightful spot in the civilian world, I accepted Huiling’s invitation to dinner at her place on Saturday night. Making the trek to her house on Recreation Road was worth it for the very robust curry chicken prepared by her mom, as well as Huiling’s own rendition of a rather proper lasagna.

Imbibing began right away, first her own white, and then a red which I bought in Guangzhou earlier in January during a trip back to my mom’s hometown (and also a clandestine visit to meet Xiao Sen). The Great Wall Red Wine tasted like, pardonnez-moi, Ribena—what went wrong?

Hopping on Benson’s car, we sped to Cocolatte where we joined friends of Huiling and Christina for an unpretentious round of drinks which included vodka redbulls, lambourghini(s) and alcoholic sodas, all while sliding to the with-it lilt of rhythm and blues. Although Huiling ended up pissed prematurely, it was good seeing her having a good time (which recalled SATC), all dress-ed up, spending freely on drinks, flitting around in an insouciant fashion in the midst of great and varied company made up of our NUS mates and others. Suitably inebriated moments, smooth sounds and a wonderful party contributed to a great night out, however short-lived.


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