Sunday, July 03, 2005

Many Returns: Bring Them On!

Ribs and slabs of chicken jazzed up with itsy-bitsy smatterings of bacon and raisins as well as cherry tomatoes and cherries in season at Chris' dinner party. Posted by Picasa

Fresh from his sojourn to Italy, London and Bangkok/Hua Hin, Chris threw a sit-down dinner party for eight this evening at his spacious bachelor’s pad on Alexandra Road. Quite a few highlights that evening, as Kevin bought a delicioso chocolate cake for Ron and Francis who are celebrating their birthdays this month, paired with a smooth dessert wine that Francis bought at Changi Airport. (Yes, Francis has finally returned from his long drawn out work trip in Uluville in Sweden, and the flight involved painful transits in Bangkok, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Scream. Kevin’s also back from done-to-death albeit memorable Bangkok/Chiang Mai. I'm twice-back from Guadalajara and Reservist Training Week One) Kevin’s Zhi Wei had a taste of our group outings. Sunny and Ivan’s collection of liquor and inflight magazines are growing by the day—though there’s not much limoncello left, I have to pay a visit to their place asap to get a taste of it soon. And I gave Chris a wood-carved name-card holder which I scoured from a wood-carving village from Hoi An, a coastal town two hours from Danang in Vietnam—I liked to think that made his day, seeing that he was in need of one for his work trip to Tianjin and Hunan two weeks from now.

Fabuluoso news: I found my Temporary Pass which I lost earlier. That gets me entry into Seletar East Camp during my reservist stint, and costs a whopping S$50 to have it replaced. In my humble opinion, it’s not even worth a fiver—no barcodes, no elaborate fancy design job, nothing. I had a bad feeling that I lost it while snacking at Shih Lin Snacks, Harbourfront, one evening—which made my very first oyster mee sua experience so not worth it—but it’s really been sitting in an obscure corner in my house all this while. Major relief.

My Bangkok friend, Thomas, is in town again but had no decency to call earlier until just now (0130h). See, I don't mean to be rude. I'm not officially accepting any post-midnight appointments until tomorrow morning. Maybe brunch would do.


At 12:55 PM, Blogger Ron said...

i am glad that you've recovered the factory pass which is not worth even a dollar. if not, 5 mojitos (or 10hrs of NUM for XMT) would have been sacrificed!

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Dennis She said...

haha, i was certainly thrilled to recover it! I could indulge in 5 cab trips!


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