Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Military Blues

I was pleasantly surprised that the journey back home from Seletar (military) Camp was to be this smooth. All thanks to the North East Line, I sped up my journey by training it from Serangoon to Harbourfront. While I am not thrilled about being out in the civilian world, getting out every night is actually quite therapeutic; it might be a bit on the troublesome side, but my physical presence outside the military camp takes my mind away from it. Today my platoon mate just reminded me of the ‘monkey see monkey do’ trick—one shouldn’t think too much about the travail of being back for military training; instead, one should just go through motion, take it easy, indulge in idle conversations with fellow prisoners, and time passes. Yayness.

Just a few days ago, I was still highly ambivalent about going back for reservist training. I had just returned from Mexico and was busy coping with writing two stories for V Mag August. While exploring Hou Hsiao-hsien’s subaltern-esque style of historiography was interesting, I wished I had more time to give more thought to the stories. I had accepted Huiling’s invitation to a steamboat session with her fun friends from school even though I was up to my ears with work. A part of me just wanted to have fun. Saturday night stretched into Sunday morning as we had a great night out at a rather unlikely location called Clarke Quay. Nevertheless, I would it again. Only thing though I spent the rest of Sunday night working on the stories and went to report to camp without sleep. Thankfully, I survived.

Claudie’s news is great news. Her expat friends from Bangkok are coming to Singapore next weekend and would like to have me show them the town. More than happy to!


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